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Nikovich was born in Malta on the 5th of September 1976. He grew up in the countryside where he spent most of his childhood riding  and taking care of his family horses . He joined the Royal Marine Cadets until he was 17 years of age where after he was enrolled with the Armed Forces of Malta in 1995. Nikovich joined the C (Special Duties) Company, 1st Regiment which is the only sub-unit in the Maltese Armed Forces that performs a purely specialised Infantry Role. He is currently still serving the Armed Forces of Malta. During this period he attended various foreign and local courses. The Army gave him the opportunity to start a career in movies by using his skills and experience gained throughout his service in the Armed Forces by performing various stunts.

As a stunt performer he has reached a competency in precision driving, martial arts, horse riding, abseiling, rock climbing, air ramps, stair falls, high falls,  hand pulls and ratchets, scuba diving,  sword fighting, stage fighting, kick boxing, firearms and car flips. Being he’s a strong swimmer Nikovich is a qualified lifeguard with the Royal Life Saving Society and also has a PADI Advanced Open Water Diving Certification.

Besides performing stunts he also performed as an actor in local and foreign productions, commercials, musicals and spectacles shows. He was also cast as a horse coordinator, assistant horse master, military coordinator and a stunt coordinator.

He is also in possession of a Maltese driving licence as well as a B3 military driver which includes heavy vehicle and truck driving.